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    everytime I send a e-mail through my phone or on the computer my 700 gets a e-mail of the same message i just sent out. It's like I get my sent messages sent into my inbox. I did a quick search and played around with the options and can't seem to figure this out..

    can anyone shed some light on this

    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    I believe that is the way gmail works by default.
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    Gmail does the same thing to me. I see my "sent" message in my Inbox on my phone but not on my desktop. Drives me batty.

    I'm bouncing among Hotmail (fabulous for the push email and the fact that phone = computer inbox all the time; sucky in almost every other respect), Yahoo (fabulous for IMAP even though it doesn't do push email; sucky for the garish look when I log in on my computer), and GMail (fabulous for spam filtering, sucky for the non-IMAP, the sent mails in the inbox problem, some other stuff).

    Despite all this I find myself back using GMail. Don't know why. I wish they'd give it real IMAP.

    Of course, the best one is my Exchange-based email from my work server. I just want to keep my non-work stuff separate, which is why I'm doing the Hotmail/Yahoo/GMail dance.
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    Yeah I am fed up with both IMAP and POP. They just dont up update to my phone as they should. I wish they did.

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