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    i cant find much help in searches ive done. all seem to say, soft reset and all is fine...not here.

    xp pro, WM5 on my 700WX.

    it does connect, goes thru the motion of syncing and say its done but when i look for changes, there isnt any. i tried soft restting it, deleting the device etc....

    im sure its a settng somewhere i clicked off, but cant find anything and need the help. any ideas ???
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    the only programs i have on it are ::
    sbp backup
    google maps
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    ok, i see one reason, the notes i have been adding are stored on my SD card. they are synced, i just didnt know where to look
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    What are you trying to sync? Go into the settings of Activesync and check off all the things you want to sync (ie. Email, Calendar, Contacts, etc...)
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    they are all checked off. it seems the only thing that isnt syncing now is EMAIL.

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