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    Quote Originally Posted by Palm_forlackofchoice View Post
    Can someone post the newest version of the 3.1 Jbed here? Any thought if it will allow the Sprint cup nascar app. to work on the Treo 700WX?

    See post #82.. here's the link from it:

    I've also posted it here:
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    I believe the one above does not work in WM5. It failed to work on both my 700wx and Motorola Q.

    This one does work:
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    Thanks but I did not want to reg at XDA. I got the file from elseware and is working.
    Still waiting for Hitachi to reintroduce the G1000 with a VGA screen and more memory. I still miss that crash prone beauty.
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    Wow this browser is incredible! I've been living under a rock for 1.5 years with PIE on my Sprint 700wx. This browser is a heck of a lot faster than PIE and the formatting is much, much better! Pardon my ignorance, but this is such a wonderful discovery for me. Thanks for this thread.
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    I know. I love Opera Mini. It started off pretty cool and has just gotten better and better over the years. It also optimizes on the server side so the download to the handset uses less data and is a lot faster. It doesn't work for everything, but it should handle 95% of your web use.

    I like it so much I'm going to miss it when (and if) I get the new iPhone 3G. I think I've decided to give it a shot. Opera Mini won't run on it because iPhone doesn't support Java.
    Even though the iPhone browser is desktop quality so you should never need Opera Mini, I would still appreciate having it to optimize and re-format some of those larger web pages/sites. I think it would still be handy to have. in other words I could see myself using it for certain sites.

    It irks me when people show off how great safari is on the iPhone (as if it's the first phone to handle a real web page) when I know Opera Mini does just as good a job (better and worse in some cases) and it runs on any Java enabled phone (that's most.) You just have to know about it, and a lot of PDA users never think to go find and try it.

    Oh well, I'll miss it.
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    WOW I have to agree, this browser is AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. I mean wtf was ms thinking? Zoom rocks, how could MS skip that feature? Plus it takes like 2 seconds to show a page perfectly when PIE takes forever to show it wrong and then freezes when i try to use it. The server side technology is amazing.

    One question, do they have any plans to support flash? Maybe by turning the flash into an image and then creating an image map of that flash image on the fly so you can navigate a site with flash? (of course without the animation)

    ALso how does it handle security? Does opera's servers get my bank info every time i load the sitE? I assume they would have to. Maybe not what i type, but they would have the actual bank account info like the balances and transactions, etc right?

    All in all this thing rocks!
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    They should be able to do something with flash eventually. Video might be a problem in Java, but some translated down version for navigating sites that use Flash could certainly be attempted. Who knows, but they are always improving it. It seems like I spend as much time on beta versions as I do the release versions.

    Security. Opera Mini uses secure SSL between Opera Server and the site (the bank site.) It also uses encryption between Opera and your handset.
    But it is unencrypted and translated by Opera on their server.
    So it's relatively secure, but not as secure as a real browser.
    Full description here:

    If you think this is amazing, try to get on the beta of Skyfire.
    I think mini is better at the moment. But skyfire is a beta, it's brand new, and still very much in early development. So there's a huge potential to improve and rock.
    It's a bit slow the way it is now, but it's pretty amazing as well and they do plan to support Flash.

    I'm going to try the iPhone 3G next month. I'll miss Mini. I hope not too much or I'll be back to WM.

    By the way, I have mini on almost every phone I have, including Pantech and LG flip phones. It's the same exact browser that runs on any java enabled phone.
    It should also be a great addition to Google Android based phones.
    Treo 750 (AT&T)
    Treo600->Treo650->Cing8525->Blackberry 8700c->Treo750->AT&T Tilt->Treo750->iPhone 3G
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    i did sign up for skyfire, i am waiting for the next beta invite. it looks pretty cool.

    The iphone 3g is different than the original? how so?

    I have verizon, so no iphone for me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike240se View Post
    The iphone 3g is different than the original? how so?
    Just faster, as in 3G data. And has GPS. That's mostly it.

    The software for it as well as the old iPhone is being updated with new features which Apple continues to develop.
    It was lacking a bunch of things from my necessities list which has been addressed with the 3G model and software 2.0.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm no fanboy. But I am starting to finally like the iPhone so I'm going to give it a try. I'm having trouble coming to grips with what I'll be giving up. One of those is Java, which means no Opera Mini.
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