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    I'm looking to buy a 2GB card (still thinking of 4gb). I'm worried about reliability, cost, and speed in that order. Here's something I'm looking at:
    SanDisk Ultra II SD 2GB Card - SDSDH-2048-901 $36.99 ($26.99 with the google checkout deal)

    I'm also wondering what is considered the best and reliable brands. I think Sandisk seems to be the most reliable but I want to know other brands that I should consider.

    EDIT: I also saw this one which is cheaper.

    I'm also not sure if these are compatible with the Treo 700wx.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    I have both a Sandisk (2 GB) and a Transcend (4 GB) card. Both have been super reliable.
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    I'll only buy SanDisk moving forward. The premium is worth the reliability, imo.
    I had a transcend 4gb 150x go bad on me and then a RiData 4gb 150x a few weeks later.
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    I've been using a Sandisk Ultra II 2GB in my 700wx since January with no problems. I would highly recommend it.
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    I just purchased a 4GB TopRam brand SD card. I just got it 2 days ago and have loaded 3GB onto the card already. Seems to be working well. I purchased it off ebay for $30 + $10 shipping.

    I also have used successfuly a Adata brand 4GB SD card.

    The important thing to remember is the card MUST be a 'standard' SD card and NOT a SDHC card. Also, if you do purchase off ebay be real carefull. There are alot of 'fake' SD cards - cards that might be labeled 4GB may only be 256MB.

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    In my digital cameras I use Sandisk ultra II CF cards and standard sd card from sandisk in my treo. CF card went bad. Sandisk replaced no questions asked. They warranty their cards for life.
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    So would all of these cards work with the treo700wx?

    I also found this one now

    $24.89 seems good and I since sandisk has lifetime warranty, I should be set.

    I'll probably go with this one after I know it is compatible with the treo700wx.

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