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    I have partnered my Powerbook with my 700wx, configured OSX to do bluetooth dial-up networking over my phone, and in the "Internet Connect" OSX app I have the following settings:

    Telephone number: #777
    Account Name: <my vision login>
    Password: <my vision password>
    Prompt for password after dialing: unchecked
    Modem: Sprint PCS Vision
    Manual Dial to make this connection: unchecked

    When I click "Connect" within Internet Connect it displays "Contacting PPP Server..." and it appears that my Treo briefly access the network (because the "EV" icon changes to the two arrows for a second, and then back to "EV"), but then the OSX console says "pppd Connect script failed" and I get a dialog saying "A modem error occurred. Please verify your settings and try again."

    Any ideas? I've googled and come up with nothing.
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    I am having the same exact problem.

    Except I don't use any log on info. It still connects and quickly disconnects.
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    Does anyone use bluetooth DUN on their Sprint Treo 700wx, or is this a dead end?

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