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    For those of us that upgraded from the 650 or other POS smartphone, we know that the 650 (possibly others) would virbrate ONCE for a SMS and vibrate continous in sequence for about 25-30 seconds with my 700wx it just vibrates in sequence continously for everything. I would like a quick (& im assuming it would be easy) hack to change it to the vibration patterns of the 650. When I am at work the phone is on my belt, (silenced via the top slider switch) and everyone know that when i am at work I cant aswer so they dont call me at work unless theres something wrong. but I cant distinguish between a call and a SMS while im waiting on customers, and its plain rude to look (let alone answer, I know) but if its urgent its urgent. is there a way to make this happen? I know some of you guys tinker around with these kind of things. Any help would be great thank you.
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    You'll want to look here:

    this may be what you're looking for.


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