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    Can someone please tell me where the EVDO setting is.

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    Ummmm...what exactly are you wanting to do? You're either receiving data via EVDO or your not...there isn't a setting per se.

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    Sorry I wasnt to clear, I referring to the 1x/evdo setting. You can one or the other or both.
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    You data selection is determined by you provider and you clarity/location of signal. I don't know of a way to force a switch between 1x/EVDO.

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    On a VZW 700wx, you can do this...

    #*#3836 [send]

    This will offer you a choice of Automatic, 1xRTT only or EVDO only.

    Be advised, while in EVDO only you cannot make/receive voice calls.

    The most common use of this is if you are in an area where your phone keeps attempting to switch from 1x to EVDO and back due to weak signals. Often, setting this to 1x only will help preserve battery power and voice call reliability. Virtually no one uses this to set it to EVDO only, except for possibly a quick test.

    Auto is the way to go. (and the default)

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    Do not force EVDO. If you do, SMS receives will not work, nor will incoming calls.

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