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    Quote Originally Posted by Deltaflyer View Post
    rock solid stability. Is this too much to ask for?
    Cheers! I couldn't agree more.
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    I have the w with verizon and insurance...anyway you guys know I can "upgrade" to a wx?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yitzchakis1 View Post
    I have the w with verizon and insurance...anyway you guys know I can "upgrade" to a wx?
    I've heard that if your 700W fails, it will be replaced with a WX as the stock of 700W's has been depleted.

    I want to be clear here, I am not in any way suggesting you commit fraud by doing something to your device to cause a failure. Some others have either suggested that or said they will do that, but I think it's a bad idea for oh, so many reasons.

    Other than that, I guess you could call them and ask them. You never know - if you don't ask...

    In my case, I will be looking for ways to upgrade to an 800W from my 700WX when that comes out - maybe if I can put up with my sticky key long enough I can get a upgarde as a replacement when I finally can't stand it any more and ask for a new device.
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    fraud is releasing a product with memory issues and quickly replacing it with a new product and dropping the w all the while pretending there was not a issue with the w
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrinehart View Post

    But it would be nice if Palm released a ROM update to WM6.0 for the WX.
    If Palm are on the verge of releasing an 800wx with WM6 then it wouldn't make sense for them to release an update of WM6 for the 700wx. I mean, how many people would stay with their 700wx compared to buying the 800wx if they came out with a WM6 upgrade for the 700wx ?

    When I moved over from my 650p to the 700wx I really thought that I'd miss the higher res screen, but it hasn't been as bad as I expected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WWestronic
    You never know - if you don't ask...
    I asked and they told me no. I will ask again though until someone tells me yes
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    not that this is important


    I was on the phone with a Palm Employee tonight, and they acknowledged the 800w

    while talking about sending my phone in while it's still under warranty; i said

    "Yeh, I could send it in to get fixed now, or could wait until the 800w is out"

    and he said "you could, but you will be waiting a few months"

    a few to me is less than 5... <.<
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    I am not convinced those photos (embeded in the post above) are of the upcoming 800W. I know all the sites are saying it is, but that device is what, 1/3 smaller than the current Treo.

    I suspect those photos are really of the 2nd tier devices Palm is coming out with (Centro, Gandolph, those Orange phones on Sep 12th).

    Regardless, I am not sure if I will be getting the 800W. I went from a 600, to a 650, to the PPC6700, then back to a Treo 700wx. While I did miss the Treo form factor and jumped at the opportunity to get the 700WX as a warranty replacement for my 6700; I think my next phone might be the Sprint Touch (HTC Vogue).

    I dled PocketCM keyboard (iPhone like on-screen keyboard) and tested it on my 700WX. I must say I was impressed with how it responded.
    Video at

    The Sprint Touch/Vogue is supposed to release on Nov 4th... decisions, decisions.
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    You can't really make out the image but attached is a brief spec sheet from Sprint on the Treo 800w.

    Projected LATE 4Q.
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    I also hope they improve the radio on the thing... I'd upgrade just for that.

    I'm like LL, "I can't live without my radio."
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