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    My SD card has disappeared, and it won't come back. Is there any way to find it again? I've already performed a soft reset (3 times) and then a hard reset, but neither worked.
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    Hmmm...have the same problem on a GB SD I bought from Toshiba - blasted thing is useless and unreadable now by cardreaders and my treo - technology isn't quite up to sccratch yet is it?! Can't even return it as I bought it abroad :|
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    I guess I'll see if I can find a card reader; I just didn't consider the possibility that it would be the card.
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    That really doesn't apply to me; I can't even see it to format it. I had just formatted it to load WM6 and now it is invisible. I'm still looking for a card reader; hopefully my laptop will detect it.

    edit: I should probably add that this is a 1 GB Sandisk MiniSD card and I'm using Vista.
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    Give it up folks, neither Palm nor Cingular/AT&T have a clue... I've gone through a dozen miniSD cards, with different sizes and from different manufacturers (including Palm and Cingular certified miniSD cards). I've even had the phone exchanged 3 times, and am still experiencing the same miniSD card recognition problem.... Palm should be ashamed of themselves... But they don't really care, they've already got people's money.

    Palm will not step up to their responsibility and fix the problem. They've already move on to selling the 755+++ models. It seems again that once they get your money and they stick you with their faulty products, you are more of an irritant to them than a customer.

    Last time I even touch anything having to do with Palm company.
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    The SD problem is fixed in the WM6 upgrade. I'm running the pre-release of WM6 that was leaked a month ago and I have had not problems. I had the same SD disappearing problems when I was running WM5 so I know your pain. Also, with the WM6 update, the phone now reads SDHC cards.

    So, either download the pre-released ROM or wait until October (hopefully) when it is officially released in the US to get the fix for the SD card. Read up on the WM6 threads and see the reports of how people are rejoicing that the SD card problem is a thing of the past with the WM6 update.
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    Thank you Edrego, and I hope you are right. Because I used to be true proponent of Palm products until the 750... Maybe the WM6 upgrade will change my mind!!!
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    Ironically that was what I was trying to do. I think I figured out the problem: it was the card. I think I accidentally interrupted the format process. I exchanged it at Walmart for no charge, and everything works fine.

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