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    i've successfully transfered cellphone camera pics, in the past, to my toshiba laptop but NOW it keeps sending a failed message. i use a kensington bluetooth usb adapter and it shows the phone and laptop are paired. what i'm i doing wrong???
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    On the treo go to Start-Settings and click on the Connections tab. Select the Beam settings and make sure "Receive all incoming beams" is checked. This will load the OBEX service.
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    i did as you said and it's checked. i looked in my laptop's bluetooth file and it shows the two devices are paired together. on the treo is shows it sending file but after long delay, it fails.
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    hmm, what are you using to send the file? Resco?
    Maybe the OBEX service is not enabled on the laptop?
    Does bt active sync work?
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    hmmmm.... now that you mention it.... i've tried to active sync with laptop today and not working via cable.
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    haven't found a "bluetooth file transfer wizard" yet but i'm still looking.
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    my laptop didn't have the bluetooth file transfer wizard but
    i noticed the bluetooth icon is no longer in my system tray.... how do i put it back?

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