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    I have an old version of Sprite backup and I believe I also have a version of Spb backup. Which is perferable? Is there a difference between the Sprite backup on Palm's web site and the one you buy directly from Sprite? I bought mine a 18 months ago directly from Sprite. I wonder what their upgrade policy is?

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    I believe you should be eligible for a $10 upgrade to Sprite Backup 6. I have been using Sprite Backup for several years, and while theres been the occasional difficulty with it, I have generally been happy. Each new version has gotten progressively better. It has saved my bacon dozens of times.

    I have never really tried SPB Backup. I had intended a year or so ago (when I was using a 6700) to purchase it in addition to Sprite and write an extensive review of both. SPB never was able to deliver to me a working registration code. After several days I ended up getting a refund from Handango. If you end up going the route of SPB Backup, I would be interested in hearing how it works for you having been a previous Sprite Backup user.
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    I used the free version of Sprite Backup that came on the 700wx install CD and it worked fine. Now that I am on my Mogul, I use SPB as Sprite had some issues with WM6 at one time. They released a new version that might have fixed the bugs, but I am happy with SPB now.

    Both apps are good backup apps and either should serve you well.
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    i have used both and from my experience it seemed both did what they were supposed to do the same way. i did not notice a huge difference in the two programs as far as one being way better than the other. i chose sprite (because it was free) and because its from the makers of Norton Ghost which has saved my *** many times before.

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