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    For the last several months I have been thinking of making the move to WM5 and in particular to a WM5 TreoWX. The recent issues with the 700P MR finally pushed me over the fence and I was able to acquire a very well taken care of "pre-owned" 700WX for Sprint.

    My little experiment didnt last long, and I wont rehash issues posted by other T|C members who have made a similar move to WM5. For me it all boiled down to simplicity and the ability to do what I want, when I needed to do it, in the fastest simplest way possible.

    Even with all its post MR quirks, I am very happy to be back to my 700P. The grass for me was not greener on the other side of the fence. I will happliy stick with it and patiently wait for Palm and Sprint to release the new OS "P" sometime in the future.

    I'll be posting the 700WX in the marketplace forum over the next few days. I will be happy to sell it off for what I paid (plus the extras it came with) or even swap it for a 755P

    Live and learn.
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    I have played with enough WM devices to know how you feel and now enough no matter how my Post MR 700 pisses me off, I will not convert...I will go simple "It just works" BB if anything else.. I didn't have a problem with the learning curve but thought a lot was unnecesary. I love my red headed step child POS and believe the next gen POS will bring Palm back...WM doesn't even feel right on a PALM device...If I did switch, I would get a Mogul which suits it better for me.
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