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    Hi everyone
    I'm a newcomer to this forum, and to using treo's in general. I had been considering buying a treo for quite some time, and finally took the plunge and bought a used 700w on ebay. I don't use it for data or internet, it's mainly to eliminate the need to carry both a cellphone and a pda. I'm a physician and I use a couple of drug databases and some medical references quite often. I'm not really a power user.

    So far, over the past few days, I'm very impressed. No resets yet, no major headaches, and I actually find the WM5 experience to be much preferable to palm OS - I feel like I have a a computer, not a relic from 1994.

    My worry is that I blew it when I bought a 700w. I hadn't seen this forum at the time, and I *thought* the only difference between the 700w and wx was verizon vs. sprint branding. I didn't know about the memory difference. Now I feel like a made a big mistake after reading all the posts here. What I'm looking for here is some advice - should I relist the 700w on ebay and just find a 700wx? Can I still be happy with a 700w, or is it inevitable that it's going to drive me crazy with slowdowns and resets? Is anyone content with their 700w?
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    YMMV, but as a self-admitted non-power user, you might not have any issues. Perhaps someone with a W can offer better advice, though (I have a WX).
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    I would not go through the hassle of ridding yourself of the W in favor of a WX if you are not a power user and especially if you are not using PIE or data.
    I am a power user and lived pretty happily with the W for more than a year. My troubles were mainly due to memory problems associated with multiple SW add ons functioning simultaneously. For the manner of use that you described, it should more than suit your needs, IMHO; especially if you got it for a good price.
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    I suggest you make the swap now. The W is a WM phone with the LEAST memory available (like 10 MB) whereas the Wx is a WM phone with the MOST memory available (like 40 MB). This will eventually make a great difference to your experience, especially when it comes to multi-tasking.

    A real world example of this is that you would be able to keep your database open the whole day on your Wx in the background, whereas with the W you will find it has been quitely closed in the background all the time, requiring that it needs to be relaunched.

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    Yes, switch NOW. The w sucks and you will rue the day you bought it. It is horrible...simply horrible. I don't care if you are a power user or not...if you want to do 2 things at once (listen to music and surf web, for instance) the thing will lock up several times a day.
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    I'd say with databases that you may be searching constantly, you'd need something pretty fast, and the W won't cut it.
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    Tough to tell you to keep the W, as the more you use it, the more the memory will be an annoyance.

    I would sell the 700w now and get a 700wx. You'll be glad you did.

    Chalk up the loss to lesson learned - when in doubt, post on TC, and leverage others experience.
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    Hay Dr. jeffyhunter, Iím a pharmacist with a 700w. If youíre only using it for Lexi-Comp, Sanford Guide, & to keep a few guidelines in PDA format the 700w will do you just fine. Itís when youíre using the more memory intensive programs like TomTom for example that youíll experience the 700wís short comings.
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    I have had a 700w for 15 months now. Purchased it after it first came out. I do run other programs on it and it works just fine. Not speedy, but fine. I use it primarily for email, but use the phone as well. It does need to be soft reset periodically

    Depending on your usage, you may need to get an extended battery. I would, also, not run it without the SD card.
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    I too bought a 700w, and while I don't know if I'm a pwr user, I use it quite a lot for many things, and I really can't complain about. I hear everyone moan about it, and maybe for them, rightfully so, but I'm pretty happy. No lockups, not a fast device, but ok for me for now. Hope this helps.
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    Sell the 700w NOW!! Trust me,you wont regret it. I had VZW for 1yr since the 700w was available through them first then I had switched over to Sprint to get the 700wx. I had different memory saving apps on the 700w to help manage the memory but sometimes it just got to a point of pure fraustration due to soft resets & freezes. Once you use the 700wx, you'll see the experience is night & day.
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    I have a 700w and I think it's very usable for minimum to medium use. I'm not a power user though I find that the more I keep it, the more I want from it. For instance, I'm now streaming internet radio stations to play in my car which is a feature I didn't care for or know about when I initially purchased.

    Overall I find it fairly stable. I haven't run into many memory issues like most, but when you have a memory issue, the thought of knowing you could have had an WX will surely bother you.

    If I were you I would swap it if you're going to use anything more than mail, organizer and phone use. Notice I left out web browsing... that's because if you're doing any moderate web browsing, you'll soon run out of memory.

    How much did you pay for your w? And how much more are the wx's going for on ebay?

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