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    Is there any way to overwrite read-only files in the \windows directory? I'm trying to apply the volume indicator patch by overwriting BatteryIndicator.exe in \windows on the 750, and can't do it either directly on the device itself, or via the Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista when the phone is connected to my laptop. In both cases I'm told I don't have permission to overwrite the file.

    I tried changing the read-only status via file properties by unchecking it while connected to my laptop, it silently accepts the change, but it doesn't "take" -- when I check properties again, the read-only box is still checked.

    I know I can do this from XP with ActiveSync (which apparently ignores the read-only status), but it's a real PITA for me to do it from an XP machine. I'll go do it that way if I have to, but I'd sure like to know how to do it locally on the device itself if I have the replacement file already on there in a different folder.

    Any clues?
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    App Unlocker and Resco Reg Editor might help.

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