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    my data keeps turning in out of nowhere and does anyone have this problem cause its causing me to miss phone calls and they dont even show up on my missed please thanks
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    What service are you with (Sprint, VZW, Alltel, etc...)
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    If you're in an EVDO coverage area, you wouldn't miss any calls.

    My data arrows are active a lot (Outlook and so forth) and I never miss any calls.

    Was even streaming BBC 1Xtra earlier today and a call came in.
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    Sprint....I never had this issue before wen A friend pointed it out I called myself from a Landline and it rang 7 times before it ever rang on my phone once while the arrows were going back n fourth and i dont have ANY auto email check or anything setup to use data unless i go online myself...i know i remember reading somewhere else that someone had similar issues n was wondering a fix...
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    i just updated to 1.15 and now my phone won't even connect to power vision. It keeps saying "no modem at above number. to check your connection settings and change them if needed, tap settings."
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    Again its just annoying that even sending text messages and stuff it just makes the EVDO arrows go off and often times takes forever for a call to intercept and meanwhile on the other end it has rang like 8 times and not even once on your phone...I cant believe there are only a few people experiencing this and no fix yet
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    Go to Settings, Phone, Services, tap on Data Settings, and make sure the box that says 'Do not allow a voice call to interrupt my data session.' is unchecked.
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    The box is UNCHECKED....again I have had no such issues till this stupid update and to top it all off the bluetooth DUN doesnt even work and worked with the hannip back...and it just does data stuff all day out of nowhere on startup and everything and i have no auto email or anything setup
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    Take it into a Sprint store and see what they say. They'll probably want to try a hard reset before they do anything else.

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