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    Hi guys, quick question for you gps users out there. I want to get a bluetooth gps receiver, and I'm wondering which one I should get. I have about $60 or so I want to spend, give or take (not including the maps, I'll purchase those later).

    These are 2 that I'm looking at right now, for decent prices:
    (hope those links work).

    So, I'm looking for suggestions and hints whether these are good units, which one is better, or even if there's another one out there in the price range that beats these 2.
    Also, if anyone knows any reason NOT to get gps on the 700wx (small screen, low resolution problems), then please let me know so I can look into something else. As always, I appreciate any help you guys can give. Thanks.
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    I use the Holux GPSlim 236 with TomTom Navigator 6. Been using it with 2 different phones (Moto Q and now Treo 700wx) for the past year and even through a lot of wear and tear on my part its still kicking like new.

    So my vote if your going to get one of those 2 would be with a Holux, but... i've never had the M1000 so I can't say how it will work.

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