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    I am reasonably certain this has been discussed ad nauseum but I am on my second 700w and it freezes as much as the first. Am coming up to my "new after 2" promotion period and wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a smartphone that has the features of the 700w (touch screen, etc) but without the irritating need to take the back cover off and reset the phone while travelling at 70 mph down the highway.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    The 700wx on VZW seems to do well and it is an upgraded model of what you've got now.

    I have to reset my Sprint 700wx every once in a while but not very often.
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    If you use Activesync, it has to do with the scheduling. Create a dummy server and schedule for never. Theres a thread in here somewhere about it. I had the same issue and that fixed it. Hope this helps.
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    Get the 700wx
    I had same problems with freezing and all
    The 700w is great if you dont do much with it but what fun is that???? LOL
    these phones are made to play and experiment with so I just bugged verizon and threatened to cancel my service altogether if I was not upgraded
    They upgraded me to the wx and it seems to suite my needs
    pocketsports center
    and much more and phone performs great
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    Yeah, the 700wx is the way to go, since it's the same thing but with more memory. If you're looking for a different format, you could go with a 6700-type device.

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