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    Quote Originally Posted by magicman View Post
    According to mobilitytoday podcast 96 December 2007
    Yep, that sounds about right, I'll check back early next year. It's Palm, so you never know about the December date haha...

    I made my first attempt to order the AT&T Tilt last night. I could only get them down to $275. No way. I want to repeat how much I got the 8525 for last November, $100. I'll do $150, though.
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    Very little, as in *nothing*. =) The OS and Palm apps are exactly the same across all official releases and leaks.

    BTW, a free SIM unlocker is now up on xda-dev. The new bootloader installed during unlocking will also allow for flashing unsigned images.

    I'm cooking a ROM now based on the 3 Networks Aussie release, although I chose that arbitrarily (remember, all the core ROMs are the same).

    One other thing to note - Hermes radio microcode will run just swell on the T750. As a matter of fact, the free unlocker mentioned above will install Hermes radio version which has received quite a lot of positive feedback. If you unlock, I'd be interested in hearing your experience with this particular radio code. I'll package up the radios from the various carrier releases as well so folks can try different versions.

    Quote Originally Posted by jbcross View Post
    1. I have the AT&T rom running on my 750 currently. I had GMM running on it just fine as well for a few weeks. Granted it was not 5.0, nonetheless it was GMM running on WM6 treo 750
    2. If you listen the folks running the Voda rom they will tell you that very little has changed from the leaked rom to the “official” one.

    So I guess I am saying that if your really itching to move to WM6 – it out there, just load it.
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    So the Tilt has been out now for about a week. Can we have the AT&T WM6's for the 8525 and Treo 750 now or what is happening here??>?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy View Post
    (While my brain says to ignore the obvious troll, my heart says defend)

    Please show me where I placed any blame upon anyone. Outside of that, until you deal with me one-on-one, in a customer/sales relationship, do yourself a favor and keep the unfounded, personal attacks to yourself.
    It's not a personal attack. You did the old sales gimmick of pretending that you're on the customer's side, vs. "the powers that be". i.e., Your own company. That cliche' is the tip off. I called shenanigans.

    Either you're here representing your company, or not. You can't have it both ways. When I said to do your employer a favor, that's what I meant. If your response is that your company is too big to speak coherently to customers, and you're "often the last to know", you're just making it worse. When a sales guy tries to do his schtick with an audience on a forum, it's usually cringe-inducing. Any sales guy, not just you. Nothing personal.
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    P.S. Here's more GMM = delay speculation, in case you want to dive in on the official on the ATT forum, too:
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    He posted the identical text here:

    A partial quote:
    There is apparently an issue with two key programs that they are trying to iron out, something that was stumbled upon with the release for the 750v. There is a compatability issue with both GMM (Good Mobile Messaging) & BBC (Blackberry Connect). AT&Ts ROMs are all installed with GMM, and the current version is not compliant with WM6. GMM is now owned by, guess who, Motorola. (There is also apparently an issue of compatability with TomTom GPS Solutions as well).
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    I bet the AT&T rep was unaware that GMM 5.0 has now been released and it is compatible with WM6. Yes it has a few bugs from what I can tell, such as caller ID being unable to make the association with any contacts, instead just displaying the number, and word completion slowing down entries so much that you need to disable it--but it does work. As far as stability on WM6 I find that GMM 5.0 works great--tricky to get installed but once up and running it is very stable. IMO it requires more than a fair share of resources and it is not as fast to respond to commands as earlier versions, but it doesn't lock up and cause reboots on my leaked ATT WM6 ROM.

    But if this guy is not aware that 5.0 has been released it just goes to my point that you can't release a software update and expect it to get out in the market too quickly.

    If on the other hand this guy is referring to compatibility issues with GMM 5.0 and WM6 that I am not aware of then we are really in for some tough times because one would have to assume that Palm/ATT are not going to be tweaking WM6 any further before its release so that means GMM engineers have more work to do and I just don't see that happening real quickly.

    Clearly, just my opinion
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