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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a usb 2.0 sync cable or cradle because unlike you lucky Americans with unlimited data, here in Canada they only offer 4MB/mo and I need to transfer lots of internet pages via Avantgo. I know that Seidio has one but I'm not sure about the quality. Any recommandations? Thanks!
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    Actually, I can recommend a better newsreader - mDigger. It is much faster, it compresses the information better, it does not have any advertising. The program that you install on your phone is really small. The information is downloaded to your phone pretty quickly and you can view it offline. And it's also free. Give it a shot.
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    I had the Seido one. It worked perfectly for about a year and half. Now the treo constantly pops loose and resultingly the connection is always coming and going just by the tapping on a keyboard and resulting desk movement.
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