I am tryin to figure out if I have any .net framework on my 700wx as of yet, i havn't installed any, i need to know if i need it or even what it does, i also want to upgrade from activesync 4.2 to 4.5 but anything i download from microsoft.com (i.e. activesync or .net fw) you have to pass the EULA test or what ever they call it when ms.com tests your version of Windows to make sure its.... "genuine". and if you download something that contains the WGA (windows genuine advantage) test it will lock up a MS OS. Ohh HEll with it LOng story short I am running a "not so genuine" copy of XP pro. ( I know, I know... Shame on me!) Is there anyone that knows a place to get the .net fw, or the Activesync 4.5 software other than a file derived from MS.com?