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    There are a ton of things out there to make your treo700wx more efficient and a lot cooler but I'm wondering what are the best of the best. Best is of course subjective so maybe we can put why the program product or hack is the best for us.
    I'll start by listing the best NES emulator for the WX the pokenes it was easy to install runs perfectly and allows for key mapping. the only draw back (for a nintendophile like me that is) is the sound quality, all the sounds are there but they are waaay off from the original nes sounds.

    also I have some questions about what you guys think are the best.

    What is the best SD memory card availible (cheapest largest one the wx can handle)

    what is the best browser? IE is really blah and opera seems like its too big it takes a while to open and can run slow best browser to me would mean closest to firefox.

    other then that what's your best accessories programs and hacks?
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    I believe all of these questions have been thoroughly asked and debated many, many times here. Try doing a search. You'll find your answers.
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    Yeah this is like the 10th "Best", "Essential", "Most Needed" thread here.... done and done...

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