I ordered a Treo 750 from AT&T for $99 (new not refurbished) and Im waiting for it to show up.

I hope this isnt a sign from above... but its been hell getting AT&T to figure out that they have no customer service skills, employees that have a problem telling the truth, and more incompetant employees than Ive talked to in a long time.

I ordered it last Friday and have spent no less than 12 hours on the phone between then and now (Wednesday night).

Ive talked to supervisors who guaranteed me it shipped next day air (never did) and Ive even talked to the executive office for wireless sales who (instead of solving this huge problem) offered to put me in line for a person to look into the problem. This would take a week or so before they got to it.

If I hear one more "well, Im sorry there is a problem with this order" one more disingenuious time, I think i'm gonna vomit.