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    So, I send my old 700w back to Verizon, because the speaker stops working (for the speakerphone/ringtones), and they send me a new 700w (at least it looks new). I reload all of the SW on it...and low and behold, and new "bug" appears. What's the bug? Well, periodically, when I "wake up" from stand-by mode, the "Windows" icon is missing (upper left), and the Start button doesn't work. I have to go into another screen (other than the Today screen), and come back, and voila, there's the window's icon, and the start button works now. Ever heard of this?

    On a positive note...this unit seems to need to be rebooted far less than the original unit.


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    In about 6 months of ownership (of the wx) I've seen that happen once. Never since. Weird.


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