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    Well, I have officially wasted an entire day on this. I posted earlier today, and still am confused. I run a business on ebay and need to access my ebay all day long. My treo 750 won't do it. I downloaded Mini Opera and it was ok, but still not the greatest. I also did the Midlet route, but the ebay service you pay $3.99 for won't let you send messages. I am wondering if any smartphones work right out of the box for what I need? If so, I am going back to Cingular to buy it. I just want to go to internet explorer and get to it as fast as possible. No joke I am probably on there 70-100 times a day and just wanted the quickest way to get in and out. Any help would be great, I feel like a complete ***** after todays mess. Thanks, Jen
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    yes, thanks, I have tried that....and just about everything else. The problem with that is in My ebay. It doesn't give you all the options. I need to see the summary page where it says things sold, and answer questions. Thank you for your post...I am still googling away
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    Have you tried the full version of Opera? There is a free trial into October.
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    Go to
    then enter
    then login .....should start you in "My Ebay"

    This is the only way I have ever gotten it to work.

    Good Luck
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    That website worked like a charm. Thank you so much for taking the time to post. I know nothing about these things and spent the last 2 days googling everything possible..and still came up with nothing. Again, thank you. Jen
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    like MVT stated...i have tried almost every browser there is...and i finally bought opera mobile...and it has been the best thing i did for a browser...just awesome

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