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    I recently was offered a free month of Yahoo unlimited music service for being forced to migrate from Musicmatch when yahoo shut down the service this month... so i decided to try it and i'm thinking i'm going to keep it. What i really want though is a plays4sure subscription based service that offers some sort of mobile or web based download options... i'm guessing there aren't any- but just in case i'll throw the question out there...
    does anyone know of a service that will allow someone on a treo to download music without being at a computer? i know the sprint/verizon/att/whatever music store will... but sprint doesn't support the treo as far as i can tell...

    anyone else have any thoughts?

    ps- yahoo jukebox sucks vs musicmatch... i can't understand why so many companies discontinue amazing products and replace them with crap.
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    You can use mp3000 and download directly from your phone. Just Google it. Also,

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