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    What are the odds that two SD cards would go bad in a month? Both happened in my replacement wx.
    had a transcend 4gb 150x go bad then about 3-5 weeks later my adata 4gb card went bad, with several of the files going corrupt.
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    I had a couple 2GB go bad in my WX (new), not sure if it was the WX or the cards (I like deals on ebay). I have a 2GB in now I have been using for a while, I think it will last, I don't know what th think about it though!
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    I had a Transcend 1gb card that had strange bad sectors on it. It would let you write data to it , but wherever there was a bad spot, you would have corrupted data. Of course windows format, chkdsk and other utils did not indicate that there was a problem. Purchased it from They were very cool and replaced it problem.

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