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    Following my upgrade I am not finding any of my old data after the hotsync.

    Looking at the main title bar that used to say my name in the format "firstname lastname" it now says "WM_firstname_lastna_1"

    Do I need to change this somehow.

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    I found another thread with this advice

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    Disconnect the device from your desktop. In ActiveSync on the desktop, select File > Delete Mobile Device. Reconnect the device

    And it now seems to be syncing over the air with my Exchange Server.

    That is good, however I think that it will not sync info that I had started to build up with Pocket Informant
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    I believe PI uses the built in PIM files to read/store data, so you should be OK
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    Just realised that it looks like after the upgrade I am now a new user "WM_firstname_lastna1"

    If I look in the ActiveSync software then there are two machines to sync with one called Treo and one WM_firstname_lastna1

    I tried to Delete Device of WM_firstname_lastna1 but when plugging it in again to the PC it comes up with that name again and I have to set up sync relationship again.

    Started to sync Over The air with contacts however as so many I changed it to sync with PC for the first run, then will change it to sync with Exchange Server over the air to keep data costs down.

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