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    Hey guys,

    I've been trolling this forum for sometime reading everything I can.

    I'm a new doctor and would like some advice as this is the first time I've BOUGHT/USED A PDA. So my knowledge is very minimal. I've decided to get a Smartphone b/c carrying around 4 books/cellphone/pager was looking ridiculous. I've tried searching the forums however I can't get the answer I need, don't understand the answer, or I see differing opinions.

    I have decided to go Windows Mobile and get a 750 from Cingular/ATT. I could not hold out any longer. I decided against a blackjack b/c of the overhwelming community around here. My current BB Pearl just doesn't have any medical programs that I want.


    1. What is the biggest/best microsd card I can get?
    2. What is the best/reliable EXTRA battery I can get (I would not like to add additional weight or size, so no huge batteries)?

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    I would suggest to give a shot at, they have just posted something about a battery/charger today. About SD card, I am successfully using a Sandisk 2GB miniSD, no issues so far. Good luck ! I am also interested to see your experience w/ the Treo, a buddy of mine is a doctor too and I always tell him he needs a device like this. I am a techie though ....

    Good luck !
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    Do the Sandisk 4GB compatible with the treo 750?
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    Many people running Windows Mobile 5.0 on the 750 have reported having problems with the 4gb cards. Those that have downloaded and installed Windows Mobile 6.0 seem to be having very few, if any, trouble with 4gb cards. WM 6.0 has not yet been released by ATT in the US but it is expected out shortly. Europe and, I think, Australia have released their version of 6.0 already. Many US people were able to install it and said it solves most of the complaints with 5.0. Personally, I'm waiting until the US version is released but eagerly anticipating.

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