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    So i'm doing the research on which one i want, treo wx or p version of the treo 700.

    One of my concerns is screen resolution. Is the 240x240 on teh 700wx "bad" compared to the palm version?

    I had a treo 600 and know that resolution was horrible imo- how does teh 700wx stand up to say the 650 or 600?
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    Besides the fact that the 700w/wx is Windows and the 600 and 650 are the Palm OS??? Apples and oranges..

    Obviously the 650's 320 x 320 would be nicer...
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    hmm--maybe i made it too detailed- is it noticable when surfing the internet or viewing pictures in a message? is it something i can easily get over?
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    From my limited usage of the wx, and since I've had the 700p and the 650 before that for a while, I can say I really miss the higher resolution; but that's only because I run a lot of programs that really used it. If you do run a lot of programs, then you have to weigh the difference in PPC and Palm, and see which one you could use more (microsoft based programs or palm). If you don't run many programs, then it's not going to bother you, though every now and then, you will see those scroll bars because the screen doesn't have the resolution to handle it, but that's about it. On the whole, I like the wx better (less crashes, if you can believe that from a MS product) and I hope you do too.

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