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    tonight i finally figured out how to crack into cab files, and edit them.

    i put together 2 dial pads (a touch looking one, and iphone)

    I took one of the working wm6 notrans dial pads and edited it; i renamed the files back, and put them into the cab file...

    and now when i go to install onto my phone it wont let me

    For now I just install the skin i modded, and replace the files in /windows/

    (i also found out how to completely edit everything on my treo, how to skin the calendar app and such; also how to edit the start button image and signal icons with out Wisbar )

    does anyone know how to compress an executable cab file that will work?

    the sooner i get this done the sooner I can release these
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    you think maybe you could write a mortscript to change the files needed, maybe?
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    would you mind the information about the calendar and start image without wisbar?

    Yeah I can help you recompress the files to a cab.
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    You should create your own wiki with how-to's for all the things you have done. That would be sweet.
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