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    Just thought I'd pass this along to everyone. Verizon has recently upgraded security on their website. As part of this effort they are trying to establish a "single sign-on" for all verizon related accounts that a user may have. In the process of doing this Verizon seems to have screwed up SMTP access. I have had problems getting smtp to work for 3 colleagues over the last month or so. They are able to receive POP3 mail but can't send anything through Any time they try to send mail they get an error msg. I logged in to my vtext account to see if I had any other settings that needed to be changed and upon login it asked me to enter/confirm new password. And of course that screwed up my smtp as well. I called Verizon 800-922-0204 and got through to data tech support. The rep says she called another dept to reset my smtp account. There after it worked fine. I did not have to re-enter any pswds or anything.
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    Just got my Verizon Treo 700wx with WM 5 and set up my Verizon personal account with no problem. Was fiddling around with my work POP3 account that was receiving but not sending. One phone call cleared up in fifteen minutes what I spent hours trying to do myself.

    Good stuff!
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