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    Anyone know how to send video MMS from treo 750?

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    Sending Multimedia via MMS (be it photos, voice clip or video) is all the same. There are 2 stages to the set-up. The carrier parameters and the Messaging Application parameters. You can find both for most carriers on these forums or on Howardforums.

    For example, here are the instructions that I posted for MMS setup for the 750v for Rogers here in Canada, your setup would be some variation of this.

    Start>Settings > Connections
    My Work Network > Add a new Modem Connection
    Enter a name for this connection:MMS (or whatever you want to call it)
    Select a modem: Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)
    Access point name:
    User Name: media
    Password: mda01
    Domain: Blank
    Click on the Advanced Button and on the TCP/IP tab
    Make sure that Use Server-assigned IP Address is selected
    Click on the Servers Tab
    Make sure it says Use Server-assigned addresses
    Press OK
    Press Finish
    Go to Proxy Settings Tab
    Check "This network connects to the Internet"
    Check "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet"
    Go to Advanced Button
    Under the Heading "Tap a Proxy type to change its settings"
    Select HTTP and enter: Port: 8080
    Press OK
    Press OK

    Now you will enable MMS within the Messaging Application
    Go to Menu>Options
    Select Advanced Tab
    Select Manual Network Configuration
    Press Edit
    Message center number should be: +17057969300
    Email center number is blank
    MMS Gateway address:
    MMS URL:
    Network Profile: My Work Network (from the drop-down list)
    Press OK

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    Anyone know how to send video MMS from treo 750?

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