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    i did a hard reset on my ATT 750 by holding the power button and pressing the reset button next to my SD card. Everything restored to the original factory settings just fine. However i have noticed a few things that make me think that it wasn't a 100% clean wipe of the memory. Some of my speed dials were still intact immediately after the hard reset. Can someone school me on the finer points of a hard reset on the 750?
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    A couple of things on this issue.

    I believe the reason you are seeing some speed dials return is because they are probably stored on your SIM card so the 750 will see them and allow you access. You may want to check that--if that does not work see my next comment.

    Secondly, your hard reset is kind of like a quick erase of a hard drive. Supposedly, your files are still all on your 750 and could be accessed by somebody that new what they were doing. Palm makes a utility to do a total wipe and factory reset that you can download from their site.

    Here is the link:
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