I have a very difficult problem. When I am on a phone call which requires me to press a number button, such as 1, or 7, or 9, the tone is missing.

As an example, I call voicemail and listen to a new message and I have to press 7 to delete or 9 to save. I press 7 to delete, I see the number 7 show up on the display, but there is no tone generated by the press of the button, therefore the voicemail service thinks I haven't hit anything and doesn't delete the voicemail.

Another example, I call a company that has an automated menu. Press 1 for this, press 2 for that, etc. I press 1, or 2 or whatever...... no tone. So the automated system thinks I didn't do anything.

This only happens randomly. And I can hang up and call back whatever phone number I called and it will work, usually on the second try, but some times it will take 3 tries.

I have completely backed up my Treo and did a hard reset. I have done the *228 update (or whatever that is through Verizon). I have done the suggested setting changes on the phone that Verizon has suggested. It is not a settings issue. It is either a hardware or software failure. But nobody can identify the problem.

Has anyone heard of this happening before. It is a real pain. Not only do I have to place calls multiple times, but thats double the minutes used by making the same calls twice.

Thank you