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    Hey I have a bunch of friends n family who have texted me and I havnt gotten them why is this and is anyone else experiencing this
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    I've experienced delays receiving them this evening about 3 times. They were about 40 minute delays but it seems ok now.
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    I've had this problem since I've gotten my treo about 6 months ago. It would happen very rarely at first so I'd just soft reset and all my texts would come in at once. It's now happening to me much more often. Even after 2 hard resets. I've got a warranty phone shipping out to me as we speak and cannot wait to stop having to text myself periodically all day to see if my phone went into ignore mode again. I had the data team working on it for 5 days last week and they couldn't figure it out because my texts will send just ignores the incoming ones. If it keeps happening I'd suggest calling the retention department for a warranty swap. When I took it into the store they said if it didn't ignore texts at the time the tech scanned it that they wouldn't replace it. Being that I'm out of contract I was quite irritated with Sprint. Good luck!
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    I have this problem on my 650. If someone is sending you a very long sms, then the treo has problems at times receiving them. That message sits in your que and actually blocks other messages from coming through. Reprogram your phone and all will be better.
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    Rocking a Sprint 700Wx (..kisses and strokes Treo affectionately..) here and all is just dandy. I have been sending and receiving SMS's all day with nary a hiccup.
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