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    Just wondering what the MS CF install does on the on demand app? does on demand after the free trial charge monthly or one time? is it for all the apps or her app?
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    Handmark's On Demand program is a Microsoft .Net Compact Framework application.

    The 700wx comes preinstalled with an early version of this framework (1.0), but I believe Handmark has updated On Demand to use a more recent version (1.0 sp2??).

    Think of CF as Microsoft's version of the Java runtimes.

    When installing CF don't bother trying to install it to a storage card, the first time it is accessed it get's transfered to onboard storage.

    There is also CF 2.0 out now, and some applications will require this as well. CF 2.0 will not be preinstalled on devices until WM7.

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