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    Hello all I'm new to the site and to the phone...I went into Sprint yesterday looking for a new phone an I fell in Love with this phone....however I don't have a clue what I'm doing....So if anyone on here feels sorry for a 40yr old woman I would appricitate the help....I don't know how to download ringtones...Well I hope to hear from someone if you can just help me get started...

    Thanks in Advance

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    Congratulations on your purchase.

    The best advice would probably be to complete the on device tutorial Palm has designed, and then to take 30 minutes to read the manual. I'm sure any further difficulties you encounter we would be happy to help you with.

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    Also, if the resources surur mentioned don't provide any clues you might want to try Google to see what it knows about any troublesome issues. Google is pretty good at finding relevant suggestions for troubleshooting and is also a great way to identify the various discussion boards on the web.

    I never set up custom ringtones, so I don't have any specific suggestions regarding its implementation. If needed, one way to transfer files to your handset is to first connect it to your computer via ActiveSync, then right-click on the green ActiveSync icon in your Windows tray, then select 'Explore'. Once open, the Explorer window allows one to directly transfer files between a computer and handset in either direction.

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    Welcome to the forums and the Treo club Missy.

    While I am a long time Treo with Palm OS user, I expect to have in my hands my first 700wx tomorrow. Its my first Win Mobile device and I am looking forward to trying and learning something new. Drop me a line, keep in touch, maybe we can help each other out.
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    Thanks everyone for the help....I'm sure we will be talking along the way...CGordonn let me know how things are going with you an your new 700wx....I don't know if we can help each other but I can to you later

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    I have a lot experience under my belt, so to speak.
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    Downloading simple ringtones is easy. Go into Blazer (i.e. the web) on your Treo, go to a midi site (like and find one you like, then tap on it. It will download to your Treo; then click save, and change the name if you want.

    Now leave Blazer and go into the Preferences app, and choose the Phone section. Under Tones, you should now see your new ringtone available from the list.

    At least this is how it works on my Treo 600... probably very similar on the 700....

    Good luck!
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    I'm assuming since you posted in the Treo 700w/700wx forum, you have one of those phones. They work a little differently than jberman said, since they run on a different operating system.

    For ringtones on the Windows Mobile Treos, all you have to do is drop an mp3 file into the Rings folder. This folder can be found embedded within the Windows folder.

    It helps to cut down the mp3 to around 30 seconds, since that's all you'll hear anyway, and you'll save room. I just use something like Audacity (free program that you can find via a Google search) to cut down the mp3 with the part I want (usually the chorus of a song or something), and then I just drop it onto my phone.

    To assign the ringtone to all contacts, go to Settings, Sounds and Notifications, Notifications, on Event scroll to Phone: Known Caller, and then select your ringtone. You can also make it a ringtone for a certain contact by selecting it within the contact editor.
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    Oops! Yeah, my instructions were for PalmOS devices.

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