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    I have a Treo 700wx, Exchange Server 2003 R2, Vista Business Edition, and Windows Mobile Center 6.1.6965

    My e-mail, calendar and contacts are configured to sync with my Exchange server and everything works fine. The server configuration matches my MX record and this resolved to the IP of my mail server.

    When I put my Treo in the cradle to do a USB sync, it will only sync Notes and Files. It always throws the error, "ActiveSync was unable to reach the server".

    Even when it is docked, should resolve to my server using the Internet. On a logshot, I tried an entry in my HOST file that resolved to but this did not work either.

    There was a setting I checked off in ActiveSync on the Palm to allow data during a USB sync with the PC. Does anyone have any idea why this does not work? If I uncradle the Treo, all the Exchange items sync.


    When my Treo is cradles, there is no Internet connection or just network connection. Device is set to use 'My ISP'. There is nothing defined for my workplace. The desktop icon can browse the device. The device has a IP. Firewall has port 990 enabled in Vista.

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