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    Hi Folks

    I can get skype and fring to work on the treo 750 over 3G or Wifi no problem, the issue is I have lost my wired headset and this was the only way to be able to hear / make calls with fring & skype as speakerphone and bluethooth headsets would not work.

    Does anyone know of a hack to get be able to use a bluetooth headset to make skype/fring calls on a Treo 750?


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    Which version of skype are you using on the 750? I have tried 2.1 and 2.2 to no avail. As soon as I try and do voice chat, it crashes

    EDIT: Found this site which has a few different versions of Skype. Installed Beta which allowed me to call a landline and routed the voice through the earpiece.
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    See if this hack will let you use skype over a bt headset.

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