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    I am thinking about getting my office cingular 750's. I wanted to know if the regular data plan or if I have to get the pda data plan?

    Also I have a treo650 and love the POS however Im not getting the 680 which cingular is giving out for the office as I haev read they are SH*T.

    Any other Pros to getting the 750's for the office? Also does chatter email work on the 750's?
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    AT&T will tell you that you need the PDA data plan. Lots of people use the "MediaMax" plans instead which are cheaper.

    Chattermail is not available for Windows Mobile. The built-in email isn't too bad, but doesn't support push. Cingular XpressMail does support push but it tends to not work and most people end up disabling it.

    I don't see a big difference as far as "for the office" between PalmOS and Windows Mobile.
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    Get a blackberry. These things are way too buggy.
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    Only if your company supports Blackberries. But I've been using a 750 for six months and a 650 for two years before that and they're both fine. The 750 is more reliable than the 650 - I have not used a 680.
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    my company wants us to get a blackberry but I lean towards the treo as I think there is more 3rd party apps and can do more functions iwth the treo
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    We switched from Blackberries to 750's and couldn't be happier. And to whoever said the 750 doesn't support push, you obviously do not have MS Exchange. With MS Exchange it fully supports push e-mail / contacts / calendar / etc. I love being able to change something on my 750 and have it show up on my computer almost instantly and vice versa.

    I was a former 650 user and loved the Palm OS as well and was hesitant to switch. But the higher data speeds and the push ability makes it all worthwhile for me. The WM6 "upgrade" fixed the only quam I had with the phone -- issues with the BT connecting to BMW.
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    If you have Exchange, go with Windows Mobile (i.e. Treo, Q, Blackjack, 8525)

    If you do not have Exchange, or are willing to invest in BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) many people swear by the Blackberry. I prefer Windows Mobile over Blackberry, personally.
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    I would vote 750's over the BB - especially if you have MS Exchange 2003 or 2007 - push email works great for me on our MS exchange small business server 2003. I find it a very useful tool.

    With regard to data plans -I personally have always used Media Max and had zero problems. But if you are buying several or multiple then you will probably need to get the PDA data plan as I would suspect you will save a little money going through at&t business versus a regular store. That's just my two cents.

    Good luck - but go with the 750!
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