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    I am currently in a pickle.

    I am tagged cover art to alot of my albums (shows up fine on my desktop in WMP)

    however on the treo, nothing.

    I have tried adding the jpg files to the mp3's directory even after tagged

    and have tried numerous square skins


    I looked on Microsofts webpage and found this

    So I KNOW it's possible.... However i wonder what seems to be my issue.

    Can anyone else view album art while playing mp3s?

    anyone else having my same problem?
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    I've been able to get cover art for my mp3's only by synching with WMP on my desktop. I can only suggest deleting the songs from your Treo, and trying again to resynch. I'm using the latest version of WMP on my PC.
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    WMP on PC doesnt store album art in mp3s it stores it in folders as jpegs.
    You have to
    Library - Right click on song - Advanced Tag Edit - Images - Add an image - Cover art (smth like that)
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    Are you syncing through ActiveSync or straight to the SD card? When I sync with ActiveSync it pulls down the album art. Straight to the SD card (using a card reader), I can never get the album are on the phone. I think Media Player on the PC doesn't think the SD card supports album art, so it's not donwloaded.

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