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    I installed the latest version of Resco File Explorer today and when I use the FTP feature to connect to my FTP space it consistently drops the network connection after about 30 seconds to a minute. It sucks because it won't automatically reconnect either, it just kind of freezes for a bit. Does anyone else use the FTP feature of Resco explorer?

    I read through some of the very long thread about POS users having data network connectivity issues after the MR... but has it only been POS users having the trouble or WM5 users too?

    I wonder if I'm a victim of the 1.22 updater frying my EVDO connection....
    I noticed lately that when I connect with Internet Explorer I can't usually be connected for longer than a couple minutes before I get the pop-up window saying it's establishing a network connection again... if I browse the web for about 5 minutes I'll get that pop-up at least 2 or 3 times. It sounds like some people here are able to keep their EVDO connection for up to an hour? Or all day even?

    I take it this is NOT normal? I thought for a while it had something to do with the signal strength of wherever I was, but now I'm not sure about that. I have no other issues as far as calls, texts, emails, etc. The PIE thing I'm almost able to live with since it reconnects on its own, but it's made the FTP part of Resco Explorer virtually useless... I haven't even tried AIM apps yet.
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    My 700w turned into a POS after the update. Trying to get VZW to send me a new one. I use OneBridge for email and it only works half the time now.
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    I've done some more playing around with it... and I think I've determined it probably isn't the updater. I think for some reason wireless sync is messing with it. I had it set to sync with my email every 30 minutes, and in the settings there's a setting that says "disconnect when done" and it's grayed out like I can't change it.

    So I changed it to push email immediately as it arrives, and now it connects to the EVDO network and stays connected forever. I can browse the web with no issues, and the FTP program stays connected. So I wonder if wireless sync somehow was killing the connection thinking it isn't checking mail, so kill the connection no matter what.

    Hopefully this will not kill my battery faster now, from what people are saying when it's connected it's barely using any more power especially if it's connected but in passive mode (grayed out)... so we'll see. It still seems like a bug to me that should not be happening but I guess I don't have much choice right now. Good thing I have unlimited data.
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    ...So I wonder if wireless sync somehow was killing the connection...
    But... staying connected has never been as much of a problem as establishing the initial connection. What you are doing simply doesn't even try to send anything until something arrives. Effectively, you are waiting for a successful connection to be established before continuing. That's been the problem all along. Why do we have to wait to establish a successful connection? Why doesn't it just connect reliably in the first place?

    I'm a 700wx user. I've had this connection issue with three different 700wx'es, including my current one (3rd). Before and after the update 1.22. There's more to it than just the update. Although, I suppose the update brought on the problem for some folks.

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    I've got some similar intermittant connectivity issues too. Like Opera is constantly telling me it can't find a connection. Google Maps also has downloads around 100kb of data then it loses connection and times out forever, eventually dumping out.

    This is a real bummer especially for people like me who pay for a dedicated unlimited bandiwdth. Verizon should not be selling "unlimited" anything especially if the terms of use strict specify no streaming media, and a 5Gb limit per month. Total misrepresentation if you ask me.

    Also the crippled bluetooth DUN sucks. My Bluetooth DUN actually does work on my 700wx, I tested yesterday and I was able to pull up web pages for about 10 seconds and then the phone dumps the BT connection to my laptop. I also can't get the tethered DUN working either right now. I'm sorta up ****s creek for being able to support my company while being mobile. I guess I'm glad I maintained my t-mobile phone with unlimited data plan so I can save the day, just a little slow on my totally hackable tmobile MDA. Palm should take the hint and give the users hacking control. they would be able to sell so many more units if people could do with them what they want.....

    *slightly disgruntled* but when the evdo works, it's pretty nice.

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