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    I set my treo to turn off after 1min of no activity when on batt. power. Suddenly its just staying on and never shutting off! the backlight stays on too. Nothing new installed.
    It stinks. If an sms comes in and the phone is away from me, it stays on until I switch it off. Not good for the battery life. Any ideas?
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    My backlight is set to turn off after 30 seconds and it works fine but I have the same problem as far as the device not powering off after the 1 minute issue goes.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    I've had similiar issues. What I can guess with my case is TCMP screws up some setting and it stays on. Because when that happened I did a soft reset and reverted back to normal with turning off completely after a minute or so. And this issue was after running TCMP several times for some media.

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