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    I am new to the 700wx. I just switched over from Sprint to Verizon and bought this new phone. I have the Plantronics Explorer 330 headset and sometimes the reception is cracky sounding. Sometimes the reception is clear as can be and other times it will just sound fuzzy. What is this from? Why can't my bluetooth headset sound clear all the time? It forces me to have to use the phone to my ear even though I have an earpiece in. Can anyone help?
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    I have the exact same situation..... same equipment.. the 330 seems to work the best out of all the ones i tried.....
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    It's the 700wx. If the phone is stationary, the bluetooth is fine. If you phone is in motion, like you are walking, it will cracking. I tested my bt headsets with my other phone, no problem.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of the Treo 700wx. If you read through the past discussions here, you'll see very long threads where we spend days trying various equipment in hopes of finding the perfect BT headset for the 700 series. (save yourself a few hours of reading and just go with the general concept)

    Most of us with the Jawbone report better than average performance. From experience, it's still the best match I have found, but is certainly far from perfect. Several members here have reported comments from headset manufacturers, Palm reps, and Verizon reps all basically telling us that the bt radio in the Treo is a tiny scrap of worthless technology. Nice eh?

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