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    please help me guys.

    i have just got a gps bluetooth receiver and i have tomtom 6 installed on my treo v750.

    i kept trying configuring the two devices together but no luck. ( always gps device is not found).

    i am sure that the new gps receiver is working as it worked with autoroute on my laptop.

    please help me
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    it should work like this:

    - pair your device with the gps receiver via bluetooth settings -> devices -> new device

    - during the pairing select [X] "serial port" for this new device (the gps)

    - open tomtom6, go to "settings -> gps status -> configuration" and choose [X] "other gps receiver" **

    - after that, if it still doesnt work, you might need to configure the comport for this new bt connection/device under "start -> settings -> bluetooth -> comports". but i dont remember how that worked, too long ago. maybe some other user can help here.

    besides all that there is still the chance that your GPS receiver will not work with tomtom if this is an slightly older model (with older chip and/or older data transmission format). try to get a hold of a newer model e.g. with Sirf III chip from a friend and try again.

    if this works buy a new one

    ** i only know the german for this so the translation might be kind of weird
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    thanx a lot for your prompt responce.

    i have already tried the first part of your suggestion and unfortunately it did not work.

    i was wondering if u can check the port numbers for me. ( you will find them in the bluetooth properties.

    thanx a lot
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    i would, but i dont have a gps device any longer. i sold it last week, sorry.

    i am now using a portable navigation, cause i was switching phones so often that i no longer wanted to look for new licenses and upgrades for tomtom
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    thanx a lot any way mate for your help
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    You can install Google maps or Live Search and try to use that with your GPS receiver after you pair the receiver. I have Com 7 as Program port and Com 4 as hardware under external gps setting. Under Bluetooth settings I have Com 4. Hope that helps...

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    1. delete the gps pairship in treo 750, and restart treo 750.
    2. pair the GPS with treo 750, make sure the serial port is checked
    3. Go to "add port", choose "add outgoing port", choose the bt gps as device, then choose a port, you can use any available port, while I suggest you use 0.
    4. Go to tomtom, gps setting, rotate to "other Bluetooth GPS", then click "port 0" in the next page.
    5. Done.
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    thanx guys .
    i will work on it and let u know what happens.


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