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    I went through the same decision, same struggle. left out how beautiful/awesome the interface and web browser are. No other phone can really compare in this regard.
    Excellent point. Or, as the teenagers say, WORD.

    Safari on the iPhone is hard to leave. There's no comparison on any other phone on the market.

    I'm not the only member of upper management in my company with an iPhone, either. It's a tough decision, indeed. I do miss my push e-mail.
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    I have to disagree with Palm OS still being innovative. It was in it's time (4 years ago) and sure, it still is the basis which people like Microsoft model off but Apple have left them both behind (from a usability point of view)

    Updates like WM6 should have well and truly been out by now. Palm does like keeping its customers in the dark and not committing resources to non-revenue earning activities. Whilst Palm may not have as many developers as Apple, I do agree with samsul, it's not like they only have 1 developer. Microsoft would have shipped out WM6 to their OEM partners whilst it was in Beta (and I know that they did because I was in talks with Microsoft about moving from BES to AES & WM6 for my company). Considering WM6 has been available since November last year, surely it is not that hard to recompile some apps and reapply the customisations, ship it out to the networks for a couple of man-months of testing and be ahead of the market in terms of WM6 releases.

    I think the letter Engadget wrote to Palm on their site was quite true. Palm really should take a leaf from Apple's book and keep their loyalists close to them by keeping them excited about the products.
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