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    i used to have a treo 700wx .. sold it and had a few phones between the wx and 750... but i had installed a program on the wx that would allow me to control my PC from the treo it self.. im not sure what its called.. and i tried googlein it.. but no luck.. anyone know which program im talking about?? thanks
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    Remote Desktop Mobile? comes as standard with Windows Mobile
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    hmm i think that would work.. but can you or any one else help how to configure the settings.. ??? im not sure what to put in Computer.. user name... etc etc... thanks
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    I bet you are talking about VNC, or PCanywhere. PCanywhere for Windows Mobile is the BEST I have used, and I have used all of them. Terminal Services used to be pretty good too.
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    How do you control the mouse and keyboard using pcanywhere ?
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