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    Quote Originally Posted by 1337 View Post
    I am very nervous about this update.
    1. Everything works as well as it possibly can
    2. Hannip's fix has solved my out-of-the-box BT issues
    3. I have my Treo setup and backed up the way I like it
    4. I don't know what this patch will do to Keylight and various other programs I have installed over the months
    5. Nobody has mentioned it, but I have a feeling it might kill the threaded SMS hack.

    If it aint broke, don't fix it.
    I felt the same way as you, but I did it anyway after about a week, and all went well and is now fine.

    BT works as before--with the hannip solution. Threaded SMS works fine. And, I was due for a nice clean reinstall anyhow, so it worked for me. FWIW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sliu777 View Post
    I've updated last night and everything went smoothly. But I noticed that my signal strength used to have 2 to 3 bars now it is barely at 1 bar. Called CSR from my home phone requested to update PRL. CSR said ok, it is done but nothing happening on my phone. CSR said I have to wait for a while. How long did you guys waited for the PRL to update? I have placed my phone on the 2nd floor to get 2 bars.
    Did you call back to *2? All the CSR does is flag your account, you have to hang up and call back to get the PRL update.
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    I used *2 but since I was no longer getting a good signal from my house it was not making the call. So this morning I went to work and did it from there. So now my PRL is updated to 20229, but still have no bars on the first floor. Oh well, life goes on.
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    I did the 1.15 update last week. Been having the same problems as everyone else...lower signal...bluetooth drop DUN...battery over heating. Basically wished I hadn't updated from 1.13....had no problems at all!! I called Sprint CS several times and got the run around with "if your phone is working fine why would you run the updated....and from another website not Sprints?" ?? It was from the Palm website you...oh so smart and wonderful customer service rep you!! Anyway, I finally spoke to a nice CS rep in the tech department...she got an ok from her supervisor to send me a replacement phone. By the way, I'm 10 months into the 2 yr agreement and do not have the replacement insurance. Should have the replacement phone in a couple days. Guess I got lucky!
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    Could someone direct me to this Hannip solution? Yes my bluetooth problems continue and are worse as now when a call comes in this kicks the bluetooth off or bluetooth just doesn't register the call and have to take through handset. Hello Palm your stock just went down as well. Get a clue. Stop half assing everything and come out with quality handset or upgrade!!!
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    I tried re-installing Hannip's program after having the same issues as you with the update (except the signal strength. For some reason mine got better). It's not allowing me to install Hannip's program. I keep getting a message that 1 of 22 files have been installed. I'm hoping Hannip can figure something out.

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    As others have said, my 700wx still had BT issues after the update and the signal stregnth seemed lower. About a month or two before the update I started experiencing more dropped calls than I had when I first bought my Treo. I did the update hoping it would fix that problem, and it seemed to be the same, maybe even worse.

    I now have a Moto Q with Sprint and I can't believe the difference. Sure, it has its little quirks too, but I need a phone first and a PDA second. I have never dropped a call with the Q, RSSI is quite a bit higher than my Treo was, and BT has been flawless! Sure, I miss the touchscreen, but after getting used to the Q, I must say that I'm pleased with this phone so far.

    If Palm releases another update that appears to actually fix most of these issues, then I'll be willing to try my 700wx again, but until then, I'm sticking with the Q.
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    Did anyone get an email from Palm stating that there was a 1.20update for 700wx. Here is actual email. Went to there site and all they are offering yet is the 1.15 update. I think it was a typo. Leave it to Palm they can't get anything else right either.

    Software Update for Palm(R) Treo(TM) 700wx Smartphone


    Treo(TM) 700wx smart device Product Update for Sprint Update version

    What functionality will this update add?

    This free, downloadable update for your Treo(TM) 700wx offers these
    enhancements for your smart device:

    *High-speed dial up networking (DUN)
    use your Treo smart device as a wireless modem via Bluetooth(R)
    wireless technology to your laptop for fast web access virtually

    *Advanced audio support (A2DP)
    enjoy your music in full stereo with new support for Bluetooth stereo

    *Hands-free enhancements
    Drive more safely and work more efficiently. Get support for even
    more Bluetooth carkits and the Palm wired carkit.

    *Windows Vista(TM) compatibility
    easily sync your smart device with your Windows Vista(TM) PC using
    the Windows Mobile(R) Device Center

    (1) Within wireless service coverage area only. Additional service
    charges may apply. Connection via Bluetooth(R) wireless technology.

    You are receiving this product-related message because our records
    indicate that you have purchased and/or registered a Palm Treo 700wx.


    Palm and Treo are among the trademarks or registered trademarks owned
    or licensed to Palm, Inc. Microsoft, Windows Mobile and Windows Vista
    are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft
    Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other
    brand and product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to
    identify products or services of, their respective owners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mindfrost82 View Post
    As others have said, my 700wx still had BT issues after the update and the signal stregnth seemed lower.
    ...for all those still with BT problems after the update could you

    (a) mention if you did it with a hard-reset (recommended)

    (b) what BT headset you are using?

    I only ask b/c for some of us, our BT is much better after the update, while for others it is not--would be nice to at least rule out some external factors

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    I did the update and backed up all my stuff using SPB backup...I went to the sprint store today cause with the update the DUN wont work and it used to work with the hannip hack for free and Im the only one I know that it wont work for. They replaced my phone with a refurb that has an older version. If I restore my phone using the backup will it put the update back on? Also because of all that is it recommended to just restore numbers and not registry files? Please give me a quick answer and some details...With this new device and after the update there shouldnt be any reason afterwards why DUN wont work on my laptop for free like it did with the hannip hack right? Any reason why it wouldnt have worked last time with the update even after hard resets? thanks a bunch
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    Hi all,

    I just want to mention that I seem to have fixed my BT problems! After playing around, I discovered that I had not re-installed Hannip's program properly after the Sprint update messed things up. I was trying to install it via the one step cab file.

    I started again from scratch by re-downloading Hannip's zip file and then re-installed it the old way by copying the files manually. Everything seems fine now.

    hope this helps others.

    Edit: there is 1 strange thing happening. If I answer a call from the headset, it works fine. If I answer the call on the phone, the bt does not pick up. This is true for both my Treo bt headset and my Moto stereo bt headphones
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    I still haven’t installed the 1.15 update and since I already have hannip’s A2DP fix installed, I’m wondering if it’s worth it?

    My primary concern is getting the most stable Bluetooth connection to my headset.

    Now that the 1.15 update has been out for a while, do you guys recommend it?

    Also if I upgrade, is it best to? ...

    1) first uninstall hannip’s A2DP fix

    2) do the 1.15 update

    3) and then reinstall hannip’s A2DP fix?

    Thanks for the advice.
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    I have noticed something weird after the update....when I receive a call now and answer the phone from my ear piece...there is a 2-3 second delay to transfer to my ear piece.....this was definitely not happening before. It is actually kind of annoying. I used the Jawbone ear piece and had the same ear piece before the update but with Hannip's solution. Is this happening to anyone else? Otherwise, the phone has been fine since the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    ...for all those still with BT problems after the update could you

    (a) mention if you did it with a hard-reset (recommended)

    (b) what BT headset you are using?

    I only ask b/c for some of us, our BT is much better after the update, while for others it is not--would be nice to at least rule out some external factors
    a) I didn't do a hard reset, but I'm now using a Q as my primary phone, so I may do a hard reset now just to test and clean stuff off of it.

    b) I'm using a Moto H700 BT headset.
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    I installed 1.55 thinking that it would stop the need for the hannip’s A2DP fix. No go. The phone stays synced with my BMW, but now sometimes i'll pick up the phone, and even though the connection is still live, the call goes to my phone instead of the call. I then have to manually grab the phone and click the "Connect Bluetooth" option to get it back to my phone. Perhaps Sprint and/or Palm should just start buying it's ROM update's from Fourm members?
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    What has changed with the Wireless Modem?
    High-speed dial up networking (DUN) – use your Treo smartphone as a wireless modem for fast web access virtually anywhere1. Supports USB and Bluetooth connections.
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    I installed the new firmware and tested with my Motorola HT820. It works fine for phone call and Windows Media Player. However, it does not work with TCPMP or CorePlayer. Sound still come out from my Treo's speaker and no sound from headphone. Anyone have that problem?
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    I downloaded the update without any real trouble. The only thing that did get messed up on my phone was my scheduled events.

    It moved the events that I have repeated up an hour. So I had to go & reset them.

    Also had to rework my alarms.

    Other than that everything seems fine right now.
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