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    I get new email all the time. I do not want the little "notification" indicator on my left soft-key that I have to constantly clear .

    I have all notifications turned off for new messages, but I still get this thing I have to clear many times a day. Am I missing something? Is there a hack to turn this off? This seems so stupid to me. My today screen already tells me how many unread emails i have.

    I searched in other forums like this one:

    still nobody has an answer so i thought i'd try here.

    btw, I have BizConnect, but i think this annoyance is even if you are using built-in email app.
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    I've been wishing I could do this for months. Apparently, there's no way to actually do it though. I was using other apps for mail, but now Treo Alerts is all I need. I wish I could get rid of the softkey response, but no dice. I hear you. It is annoying and unnecessary for many of us.

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