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    Hey guys i am wondering if there is an internet phone book per say for mobile devices. In other words I'm out and about and need a number whats the best way to look it up and dial it (not in my contacts of course!)??

    Thanks for the help, this is quite possibly one of the best forums I've seen in awhile!
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    Why not use some of the free 411 numbers that are available?
    Are you talking about a mobile website or an app that resides on your device?
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    I think Windows Mobile Live allows you to look up business numbers, I think google maps does as well though not sure.
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    I use this number... works well...




    Voice activated and voice delivered number. Additionally, will send Text to your phone with number if you like.

    A few ads, but free except for minutes used.

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    Try if you have internet access.. works well too and I think it has a mobile page for it too..
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    Yeah I mean is there a mobile page I can brouse to that is made for mobile devices and I can simply put in the name of the person or business or do a yellow pages search and get the number.
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    I have my search on my today page set for google but I assume it works for the live search as well. Just type the business name or type and the city name or zip code in the search field.
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    For businesses, Google Maps will list the phone number if it's a listed number. There is an option to dial that number, which is convenient because then you don't have to try and memorize the number or copy and paste it or anything.

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